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Tadej Kranjc
Tadej Kranjc,PhD
Ydria Motors d.o.o.    ⌂
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  • University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, B.S., 2004-2009
  • Structural dynamics

3.   T.Kranjc, J.Slavič and M. Boltežar
An interface force measurements-based substructure identification and an analysis of the uncertainty propagation
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing (2015) 
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2.   T. Kranjc, J. Slavič and M. Boltežar
A comparison of the strain and the classic experimental modal analysis
Journal of Vibration and Control, published online 29 April 2014 
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1.   T. Kranjc, J. Slavič and M. Boltežar
The mass normalisation of the displacement and strain mode shapes in a strain experimental modal analysis using the mass-change strategy
Journal of Sound and Vibration 
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Diploma Thesis

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